• Our graduates

    Hear their stories

    Nady Chea

    Nady shares some reflections, having completed two modules on the certification course.

    Sifiso Ripinga

    The Founder of Noggin Notes shares his thoughts on the certification program.

    Gemma Woodburn

    Hear from counselor and coach Gemma, based in Siem Reap.

    Helena Yan

    Our Faculty member, Helena Yan, shares her thoughts on the CCI Core Curriculum.

    Molika Srun

    WILDFit Coach, Investor and Entrepreneur Molika Srun on what she got from the course.

    Nady Chea

    Our very own Nady on the impact of coaching on her life, having completed the Core Curriculum.

    Pisethneat (Nick) Pich

    Hear from the Head of Impact Incubation at Impact Hub Phnom Penh.

    Sifiso, Sereyrath, Khema and Vanna

    Sifiso returns, along with Vanna (CJCC) and Sokhema Nara (Impact Hub Phnom Penh) to share reflections on the course.