• Transformational Coaching: Foundations
    Take your first steps towards becoming a transformative coach

  • Transformational Coaching: Foundations

    Coaching training is not just for those wanting to become professional coaches. Learn coaching skillsets, mindsets, and presence to transform your leadership and how you interact with the world.


    The purpose of the course is to equip coaches with the mindset and skillset of transformational coaching. Focusing on experiential learning, participants will have the opportunity to practice and receive feedback on their newly acquired coaching skills.


    By the end of the course, you will have a clear idea about what coaching is, and how coaching can help to transform your presence and your impact. You will know how to have powerful coaching conversations with your team on any topic using skills based on scientific and practical research.




    A three-day experiential training for those new to formal coaching training. By the end of this course, participants will:

    • Understand what coaching is
    • How to consciously leverage your presence and coaching skills
    • How to create deep and powerful coaching relationships
    • Key coaching mindsets and skills
    • How to have powerful, transformative coaching conversations
    • How to apply these mindsets and skillsets to transform your own impact

    Who is it for?


    This class is for those that want to learn the fundamentals of transformative coaching but are not yet ready to commit to a full certification course or coach professionally.


    This course counts towards credits for the full certification program should you wish to continue your training.

    What previous participants have said


    This workshop has received great feedback with participants scoring the course on average:

    • 4.4/5 for usefulness
    • 4.2/5 for enjoyable
    • 100% would recommend it
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      • Testimonials

        Hear from past graduates

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        Chendamony Ek, Teacher & Co-Founder at Academy of Careers and Technology

        I'd like to share my learning experience, the skills I have gained and how I have changed as a teacher through coaching skills and listening with the heart, this is my story:


        One morning as I entered my class, students greeted me and I can sense this energy in the room was gloomy, down and just depressing.


        Rather than ignoring it, I asked the students how they are doing and ask them if they need the space to do something else and not learn my subject just yet.


        Students replied that they want to study but they just feel so down, and they didn't know what to do. After a brief conversation by providing space to share how they feel, I asked them if they want to do a 5 mins zumba through youtube video. They agreed and we danced like no one is watching.


        We laughed, we sweat, and our energy was up! Then we started studying smoothly, they were active, participating and asking questions. I was very happy about this.


        I often heard and even discuss this that: "the person/the student is more important than the curriculum". I began to understand the depth of this concept.


        I learned that without heart and deep connection we lost meaning to learning and won't be able to be productive or even reaching our goal.


        We are all a part of building an environment that builds on one another, lifting each other up to accomplish something greater.

        As a teacher I am so happy that I was able to apply and be a part of building this environment.


        I am writing this to encourage teachers,



        Ask them sincerely what they want and what they need, allow them to express it, and give them the space and your attention.


        Once that's done, try something different and fun while incorporating the body movement, and SEE HOW YOUR CLASSROOM WILL TRANSFORM TO BE THIS MAGICAL AMAZING SPACE!

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        I absolutely loved the foundations course and would recommend it to literally anyone who likes growth and development.


        Let me start by saying that I was very sceptical about coaching in general and was excited to learn more but let’s just say not overly enthusiastic.


        But the three days of focused, positive, inspiring discussions, exercises and reflections showed me great value in coaching and the positive change it brings to the world. I was absolutely blown away by how much great energy came through this online course and although I participated in many online trainings, meetings and discussions I have never felt this connected and engaged.


        The coaches/facilitators were attentive and fun and created a beautiful learning environment. So all in all it was a fantastic experience, a gre investment in myself and I am still benefiting greatly from it and considering further modules in the future.

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        Rebecca Mey, Psychologist

        I felt very connected to myself and the people in the training. The course and the trainer led us to connect in a very deep level. I have learned a lot about self-awareness and soft skills such as using my intuition and improving the ability to connect with other people.


        Before joining the course - I though coaching is about training a specific skill, however after the course – I have realized coaching is more like teaching you how to fish rather than give you a fish.


        I would like to recommend this course for everyone who would like to explore self-growth, self-healing and learning about themselves. I think people who would like to contribute and make a positive impact to other people or bringing the best of themselves into the world – would benefit a lot from this course.

        Emergent Learning Practitioner

        It was a fascinating journey to be part of Cambodia Coaching Institute's foundational course. The 3-day workshop offers a hands-on taster session of the various aspects of coaching, and the skills and tools that one needs to develop to be a good coach.


        The theory and practice sessions that the instructors led us through helped me to improve my listening skills. I also enjoyed exploring how to foster connectedness and understanding how our mind and body process emotions, feelings and information.


        Highly recommend this foundational module to anyone interested in being part of raising team consciousness, transformation and well-being.