• Become a Professional Certified Coach

    ICF Level 1 pathway to ACC credential



    3 day module on foundational coaching principles and core coaching skills ($350)


    Core Curriculum

    4 modules of experiential coaching training lasting 3 days each, deepening coaching presence and skills that you can apply in your professional coaching or in your leadership.


    We will train you using our Connection-Centred Transformative Coaching methodology to coach anyone on any topic, with lasting results. ($2,150)


    Certification Track

    10-week elite coaching training, getting you ready for CCI certification, exam and ACC credentialling.


    Includes mentor coaching, coaching supervision, and certification prep calls.

  • About this course

    Are you an experienced professional looking to use coaching skills in your current role, to transition into a career in coaching, or just to broaden and deepen your coaching skills? Are you looking to train yourself to lead in times of change and uncertainty?


    Our course, Cambodia's first and only professional coaching training program, delivered online and in-person takes place over five modules of 3 days each. The course is designed on the principles of experiential learning, with structure provided to guide you as you practice toward mastery.


    By the end of this program, you will be equipped to coach any person on any topic using skills based on scientific and practical research, through our Connection-Centred Transformative Coaching methodology. You will be given a certificate of completion and be able to apply for an ICF (International Coaching Federation) credential under the Level 1 Pathway (accreditation TBC).


    • 100% of students agree / strongly agree that the course equipped them with the mindsets / skills / tools to coach clients
    • 100% of students are clear on the next steps to building their coaching practice (or incorporating what they've learned into a different role)
    • 100% of students would recommend this course to someone else

    Course dates

    • Module 1: (Fri - Sun, 19-21 Jan 2024) - 9am-4pm
    • Modules 2-5: March 2024 & June 2024

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    Connection-Centred Transformative Coaching

    Module 1: Foundations

    • Introduction to coaching
    • Fundamentals skillsets and mindsets
    • How to structure a coaching conversation
    • Designing coaching relationships
    • Use the Wheel of Life to guide your first coaching session
    • Working with values

    Module 2: Nurturing Nature

    • Introduction to SSNN lenses of transformative coaching
    • Deep dive into Nurturing Nature lens of transformative coaching
    • Helping clients to identify their Goals and goals
    • Working with values and strengths
    • Purpose coaching
    • Building resonance
    • Working with self-sabotage
    • Introduction of Connection-Centred Transformative Coaching Model

    Module 3: Shifting States

    • Deep dive into Shifting States lens of transformative coaching
    • Embodiment and role of body in transformation
    • Making empowered choices
    • Playing with perspectives
    • Deepening skill of topic identification
    • Exploration of Aspects of Self

    Module 4: Deepening Presence

    • How to deepen your coaching presence
    • Bringing clients to presence
    • Presencing emotions
    • Working with shadow
    • Exploring the therapeutic side of coaching
    • Deep dive into coaching ethics

    Module 5: Integration

    • Integration of coaching into daily life / professional practice
    • Finding your personal coaching stance / energy
    • Crafting a powerful vision for your coaching
    • Exploring the power of story
    • Building your coaching practice

  • Testimonials

    Hear from past graduates

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    Galeno Chua, Founding Principal at The Idea

    "This course is powerful and I deeply recommend it to any leader, manager and aspiring coach. Frankly speaking, you don't expect a world-class standard of training coming from Cambodia, especially in coaching, but this was one of the best I've ever attended.


    Joey's blend of social and experiential learning was technically proficient, balanced, and fluid. We were given a safe space to try and fail in the sessions, this gave me the courage to apply new techniques in my companies and my coaching clients to great success. It really was the best way to do this. Thanks again Joey, excited to see the impact of your presence in Cambodia."

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    Gemma Woodburn, Life Coach and Counselor

    ''This course has completely revolutionalized the way I view the relationship between mind and body. Through experiential learning on the course, I’ve seen, firsthand, how the body can be used to shift states, and this has completely transformed the gears at which I can work with clients!''

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    Sereyrath Aing, Founder of Alkagizer

    ''Each day after the course, I have learned new things about myself and understood my shadow better. I noticed a difference in how I connected with myself. I have a strengthened connection to my younger self which brings me joy, finds peace within myself, and accepts who I am, personally and professionally!''

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    Vanna Sy, Senior Manager at CJCC

    "No matter what you want to be a professional coach or just need coaching skills to be effective and efficient in building your team, I would recommend you to Joey!"

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    Sifiso Ripinga, Founder of Noggin Notes

    "This course has allowed me to step fully into myself, in addition to my existing emotional learning training. The work we have done during the cohorts has given me the power to completely embody essential parts of myself that has impacted me to better support my clients."