• Leader-as-Coach

    Unlock your leadership through coaching

  • The old way of operating

    Historically, people developed successful careers by gaining deep expertise in a technical, functional, or professional domain. If you were good at what you did, you’d be promoted and and eventually move into more senior leadership roles.


    Being a leader meant having the right answers and ensuring that your employees had those tried-and-tested answers.

    21st Century demands a new way of leadership

    That model no longer works. The 21st Century is characterised by rapid change. The average lifespan of a S&P 500 company is now 18 years compared to an average lifespan of 60 years in 1960. What got you here won't get you there. Leaders just do not and cannot have all the right answers.


    To address these concerns, many companies are now moving towards a new way of leadership - from a top-down model towards a model in which leaders provide an environment where employees are empowered and where creativity, adaptability and commitment are nurtured. As Sir John Whitmore put it, “unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance.”


    This model is leader as coach.


    Moreover, employees worldwide rate “being a good coach” as one of the most important factors of being an effective leader. Although demand for it is at its highest ever, coaching skills are in short supply.


    Leaders and organisations that are equipped with the right mindsets and skills sets are uniquely placed to leverage this competitive advantage, to boost employee engagement, workforce creativity, productivity and performance – outperforming the competition and attracting the best talent.

    Transformational Coaching for Leaders: Foundations

    The purpose of the course is to equip leaders with the mindset and skillset of transformational coaching. Focusing on experiential learning, participants will have the opportunity to practice and receive feedback on their newly acquired coaching skills.


    By the end of the course, you will have a clear idea about what coaching is, how coaching could fit into your life and role, and how it can help to transform your performance and that of your organisation. You will know how to have powerful coaching conversations with your team on any topic using skills based on scientific and practical research.




    A two-day workshop for leaders new to coaching. By the end of this course, participants will:

    • Understand what coaching is
    • How to consciously leverage your presence and coaching skills
    • How to create deep and powerful coaching relationships
    • Key coaching mindsets and skills
    • How to have powerful, transformative coaching conversations
    • How to apply these mindsets and skillsets to transform your own impact and that of your organisation

    Who is it for?


    This class is for executives, senior management and human resource professionals that are new to coaching, and want to:

    • Become a leader equipped for the 21st Century
    • Build a culture of empowerment and accountability
    • Boost the performance and commitment of your teams - and make it last
    • Improve the quality of your relationships
    • Be an effective developer of people

    • What previous participants have said


    This workshop has received great feedback with participants scoring the course on average:

    • 4.4/5 for usefulness
    • 4.2/5 for enjoyable
    • 100% would recommend it

    “This course made me rethink my approach to getting the best from my people. It’s all about unlocking their skills.”
    “I’m going to start using these [skills] tomorrow. I’m excited.”

    "Joey is always flexible according to the needs of the participants, which is a good attitude for me."