What is couple's coaching?

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Relationships are one of the most common topics that clients bring to coaching. There's a lot that can be worked on with individual clients in terms of identifying what they want as one half of a couple, and how they want to be in the relationship. We can teach communication tools such as non-violent communication or Gottman's magic ratio. However, there is a limit to what can be achieved when working with just one-half of a relationship.

Couples coaching is a process specifically designed for couples that want to strengthen their relationship and work through any challenges they may be facing.

It can be helpful for couples that are experiencing difficulties in their relationship, such as communication problems, trust issues, or conflicts over shared goals and values. Not only that, it can also be useful for couples seeking to deepen their connection and improve their communication and intimacy, rather than addressing a "problem".

The coach will help couples explore their relationship goals, become aware of the underlying dynamics and patterns in the relationship, and help them to make conscious decisions on how they want to develop their relationship. The coach may also help couples to develop new tools and strategies for building and maintaining a healthy relationship.

Some couples coaches may specialize in specific areas, such as helping couples navigate through the challenges of a long-distance relationship, or working with couples who are dealing with the aftermath of infidelity. Others may work with couples of all ages and relationship statuses, and may focus on helping their clients improve their communication, trust, and intimacy.

Regardless of the focus area, couple coaching can be a powerful process for deepening the strengh and intimacy of a relationship. Rather than a sign of something being "wrong" with the couple, it is a sign of strength and courage, and of commitment to the relationship.

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